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Monsters of Africa: The Ninki Nanka!

Ninki nanka_0003.jpg


The Ninki Nanka is from West African folklore. It is said to have the head of a horse with three horns; two horns point out or backward and the third central horn points forward. It has the neck of a giraffe and the body of a crocodile.
According to legend, it mostly feeds on cocky children; it is extremely large and dangerous and when children disobey their parents and go into the swamp by themselves, they fall victim to the Ninki Nanka.
It is also seen as an omen of imminent death. Nearly everyone who has claimed to have seen it has died shortly afterward.
It is possible that the beast may have been inspired by dinosaur fossils—Africa has been a rich source of sauropod bones.

Favorite TV Monsters: Sigmund the Sea Monster!



I could have sworn Sigmund and the Sea Monsters came on during the Krofft Supershow, but research has shown me that we saw this particular Krofft offering on Saturday morning on its own. Either way, I  LOVED this show, especially Sigmund’s brothers, Blurp and Slurp(who I would love to do costumes of with Steve). Often on websites you will see  the two names written “Burp and Slurp”, but if you watch the show, Sigmund’s tan-colored brother with the lower voice is clearly addressed as “Blurp”.

Sigmund’s cute little mouth with one tooth was the inspiration for Mo(my Puppatoons logo character)’s mouth.  😀

Ape Monsters: The Yowie of Australia!



The yowie is Australia’s Bigfoot, and is  common in Aboriginal Australian legends. First sighted in 1795, yowies are six-foot-plus tall, have wide, flat noses, and are covered in hair. Most descriptions list black or very dark brown hair. It is known in parts of Queensland as the quinkin and the joogabinna, as well as a host of other names. Although people have reported finding yowie footprints, the tracks are inconsistent in size and in number of toes.

Favorite Kaiju: Hedorah!


Hedorah is also known as the Smog Monster.  It first appeared in Toho’s 1971 film Godzilla vs. Hedorah.

Born of pollution and feeding on pollution,Hedorah is an extraterrestrial kaiju who fell to Earth as a cloud of spores. Upon arriving on our planet,Hedorah hatched into millions of microscopic organisms which began to feed upon the toxins with which humankind has polluted the air and water.
As the tadpole-like microbes increased in number and power, they began to merge into a giant monster of living sludge .Since Hedorah fed on pollution, as  long as a small piece of it remained alive, Hedorah could retreat to absorb more pollution in order to regenerate itself.