Dragon Patch TV Halloween Countdown 2014–With Jellybean


Fizztee introduces Jellybean the Wonder Cat in  another introduction of our Halloween Countdown. Jellybean will appear in whatever videos that she deems worthy of appearing.

A few words on Jellybean: She was found as a feral kitten,lying motionless in a parking lot. After picking her up and rushing her to a vet,I was told that she probably had head trauma and would not survive,but that tests would be run to find out what was wrong with her. It was discovered that she actually had severe thiamine deficiency,which causes:
Abnormal or spastic gait
Head tilt
Dilated pupils
Opisthotonos (backward arching of the head, neck, and spine)

A whopping round of vitamins,fluids, and medications brought her to consciousness and the gradual return of her motor skills. She is now two years old and thriving,but still has seizures,which require medication. Kitties like her survive because of your kind donations to shelters and rescues.


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