Month: December 2014



Okay, folks, I think I win for coolest t-shirt right now. At least for a day. A few hours, maybe? Crown me queen of the awesome shirt? Actually,credit should go to my pal Detag, who gave me this for Christmas. Plain and simple, it’s a mashup of The Dark Crystal and Donkey Kong.


Poor Little Dink.


There’s a bit of a sad story behind this little Shrinky Dink. See, a few years ago, I thought I would get to return to a place of employment that I had sincerely enjoyed. It was a creative job, I had made friends there and had learned a lot of techniques, and was I was truly looking forward to diving back in after a seasonal hiatus. Alas, I was not asked back and was told my skills wouldn’t be needed again. I had made this little Shinky Dink zipper pull to put on a new tote bag I had bought specifically for work. Still,I hold no malice and would totally jump right back in if asked. I love the people there.

Christmas Countdown: I made this.

In a similar vein to Matt of Dinosaur Dracula, I snookered myself into getting a $5 value pack of pom poms, pipe cleaners,and wiggle eyes. Why, I have no idea, it’s not as if the entire room I am sitting in isn’t loaded with crafting implements. But it was shiny, it was sparkly and festive, and I had vivid dreams right then and there in the store of making cute little pom pom friends to attach to bright colored packages for Christmas.

Well, I got inspired upon finding this BIG pom pom. Don’t  ask how I got the pom pom. I didn’t make the pom pom, and I wish I had, because I would love to make monstrous sized pom poms. Lo and behold, big red fluffy thing was the perfect canvas for…this.


And, similar to Matt’s request, I need a name!!

Misty Artist Card!

misty art card

I completely forgot to show’s a little artist trading card I drew for my friend Melissa,who worked her first year at Tour of Southern Ghosts with me.
Misty’s a little bit difficult to draw sometimes, as she has a rather amorphous shape. But I think I captured her sparkling personality enough.:)

Don’t go in the bathroom! It’s crazy in there!

Aunt Liz here, being reflective…

I try hard not to make my social media experiences about “look what I got!!” but as a toy collector and lover of all things creepy, Halloweeny and weird, sometimes I can’t help myself, especially after the thrill of the hunt. But this entry also marks an important era in my way of life and creativity, in an era I’m calling “Embracing the Crazies”.