Christmas Countdown: I made this.

In a similar vein to Matt of Dinosaur Dracula, I snookered myself into getting a $5 value pack of pom poms, pipe cleaners,and wiggle eyes. Why, I have no idea, it’s not as if the entire room I am sitting in isn’t loaded with crafting implements. But it was shiny, it was sparkly and festive, and I had vivid dreams right then and there in the store of making cute little pom pom friends to attach to bright colored packages for Christmas.

Well, I got inspired upon finding this BIG pom pom. Don’t  ask how I got the pom pom. I didn’t make the pom pom, and I wish I had, because I would love to make monstrous sized pom poms. Lo and behold, big red fluffy thing was the perfect canvas for…this.


And, similar to Matt’s request, I need a name!!


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