Snackerdoodles: Spacekins

SD Feb 15 2015 6_0002

Spacekin Courting, Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

No poem today(at least not yet..I might think of one), but I wanted to tell you about the creatures pictured above. They are called “Spacekins”, and I drew them ALL OVER my papers through the end of grade school and into high school.

About the size of a cattle egret,Spacekins are cultured and technologically advanced. They enjoy reading and painting, and dancing with many intricate steps and rituals. They travel in little hovercraft ships for short distances and pile into large ships to travel to other places farther away on their planet. Space travel is quite common to them, and I think I had them visiting other planets and trading with their inhabitants quite frequently. They live in little dome-like houses and grow lots of flowers and plants. They mate for life but several related families may share one home. Babies are called “mites” and They take about ten years to mature.


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