Monster Monday: More Old Imperial Toys!

Although I played with these guys with my dinosaurs, I remember calling them “monsters”. Which isn’t quite right, since I knew almost all the species of lizard or prehistoric reptiles they represented. Still, I was an imaginative kid,so this was how it went.

See, the dinosaurs from this post needed more conflict in their lives, for some reason. Although I played with them as if they were my dolls, there was some serious war and peace stuff going on in their world. These were the neighbors of my main dinosaur family, and they lived in the next land? country? over. These guys ruled, literally.


Lord Grayskull and Lady Redskull, husband and wife, rulers of their land(I forgot what it was called…) Obviously I was into He-Man and that terrific Castle Grayskull playset at the time, which I coveted when I saw it in stores. I was hoping to populate it with these terrors.

Lady Redskull was the brains behind the operation….Lord Grayskull(I spray painted the top of his head for emphasis) generally was rather slow and dull and sat around with the kids all day, when the kids weren’t out terrorizing the neighbors.


Vizier Rosemary. Apparently we needed a soothsayer, and Rosemary (why on earth did I call her that? She is red.) fit the bill nicely. Covered in painful-to-the-touch spikes, and with a vicious face, I remember having her see into the future, that the  dinosaurs next door were planning their next move and Lady Redskull should act quickly.


Red, Buzz, Smiley, Flash, and Chunky. These were the lord and lady’s horrid little children, and they tended to go out and do Lady Redskull’s bidding. They were a badass bunch.


Red was horribly ugly and made from this really jiggly rubber. Buzz has a hideous mouth interior with what looks like foam flecks all over it, but it’s just bad painting on his teeth. Smiley isn’t too bad; she has a cute little forked tongue that I was very careful not to let get torn off. She was as nasty as her mother. Can you tell I was into female empowerment even then?


Chunky, definitely a chameleon, but forever drunkenly stargazing.


Flash has probably the tidiest paint job. He is also made from better-quality material than the others. Smiley is actually representative of a Diplocaulus, a prehistoric amphibian, although she has a reptile-like tongue.

Thanks again for taking another look into the weird little world I played in as a kid!


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