Salute Sunday: Leonard Nimoy


I almost have no words considering the passing of Leonard Nimoy that has not been covered already. One of my best friends in high school, Rebekah, got me into Star Trek reruns in the 80’s, and she even got me reading Star Trek novels. We wrote our own fanfiction, adding our own wacked-out characters to the mix. The fun, the joy, the complete carefree nerdiness was wonderful. Although McCoy was my favorite character of the Enterprise-faring crew,as we have many similarities(and Bekah was definitely the Spock to my McCoy),Spock was a close second, and I think one of my favorite episodes was this one,Assignment Earth, in which Captain Kirk and Spock carry out a reconnaissance mission to Earth in the distant past of 1968. There, they meet many people and one cat, Isis, who fascinates Spock.
Animals are excellent judges of character, and any cat lover can immediately see that this kitty thinks Mr. Nimoy is pretty keen–the squinting eyes and kneady paws are the clear indicator. Kitties and humans agree–Nimoy was an exceptional human being.


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