Fiery Friday–Warlock from “Blackstar”!

Warlock, Character by Filmation, Art by Liz Vitale

Warlock, Character by Filmation, Art by Liz Vitale

If you watched Saturday morning cartoons in the 80’s, you might have viewed Blackstar, about an astronaut from our time who is sucked through a black hole to an ancient planet and joins the planet’s inhabitants against a cruel Overlord. John Blackstar, the astronaut, rides this vaguely equine winged steed called Warlock. Although he exists in very limited animation–possibly the same ten cycles used over and over, I always loved Warlock. He was brave, obedient, and deceptively harmless. Although I am sure he could have done some damage to the wrong person trying to ride him, he had the general air of a calm, collected horse that is bonded and experienced with its rider. Yet he did not hesitate to make his own decisions as to whether or not Blackstar was in trouble; he was obviously intelligent enough to tell when his friends needed help, and he would spring into action, sometimes by breathing fire on the assassins. And he would also breathe that same fire whenever Blackstar told him, “Let’s turn up the heat, Warlock!”.

Warlock’s leg design bothered me, however. His front legs were constructed as horse legs are, with a “knee” that corresponds with our wrist. A horse’s leg then consists of fused and atrophied bones that end in a single toe–the hoof–that it stands on. I grabbed an illustration that shows it better than I can:


But then, while an equine-like leg should end in a single digit, Warlock’s leg then ends in a complete foot,with another wrist, jointed toes, etc.


But,I guess an equine dragon from another world can have unique anatomy.

I got a toy Warlock for Christmas and was so proud of him; he stood guard by the little black and white TV set I had in my room growing up. Later, I sold that toy during a time in college that I was desperate for money, and have always regretted it. There are two variations; one has rather yellow wings. I had the all-green version:

warlock toy

It was an extremely well-made figure.I thought the likeness was as good as if not better than what we saw onscreen. The plastic was hollow, but the wings where put on with a swivel action, so he could move his wings into almost any position. His teeth and eyes glowed in the dark! Oh, toy Warlock, how I miss you.


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