Egg Leader, Standing By! Happy Easter!

Aunt Liz And Uncle Steve wish you a very lovely Easter, Passover or whatever else you might be celebrating this holiday weekend.
We do Easter here, and both being artists and candy freaks, I am sad to say we probably enjoy the commercialism too much (Cadbury Creme Eggs rock). But I also love to make things for gifts, and this was a perfect opportunity to give good ol’ Uncle Steve something that would make him smile and hopefully laugh. I accomplished both.

Using some plastic “craft eggs” that showed up at Target ONLY ONCE (either someone bought them all and they never restocked, or they only put on case on the shelf, I bought it, and they never restocked),I made this little X-Wing Pilot. This pilot is one of Steve’s costumes he wears in The Rebel Legion and my personal favorite of his Star Wars costumes.
Rebel Egg 2015 3

He is decorated completely with Sharpies. If I did it again I would probably outline everything with a Sharpie but paint the colors in with acrylics. The Sharpie colors got a bit uncooperative and kept showing a lot of line strokes.

Rebel Egg 2015 2

So cute! it’s not easy transferring a shape of a human into an egg, but I remembered how much I loved my Weebles growing up, so I turned to their designs for inspiration as well. Rebel Egg 2015

Such a happy little guy! Proud to be serving the Alliance!

Rebel Egg 2015 4

I found this small desk accessories cup with an industrial sort of feel to present the egg, complete with shredded paper “grass”. hey, presentation is everything!

Egg Leader, Standing By! Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

Egg Leader, Standing By! Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

I also made a quick tiny card to tuck into the basket.(Again, I don’t draw machines well)

Happy Easter, everyone!


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