Thunder Lizard Thursday: Fernbank Science Center!

Not long ago, Uncle Steve and I traveled to the Fernbank Science Center (not to be confused with Fernbank Museum of Natural History, which is just down the road) in Atlanta. I was especially insistent to go since I haven’t been since I was in grade school and our classes would often take field trips there. They have a wonderful planetarium, and some really cool space rocks of all shapes and sizes, but the draw, for me, of course, was always the dinosaurs.
It’s a dinky museum, and old, but it packs a punch where it counts.:)


This cast of a Tyrannosaurus skull is pretty much the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. Years of fondling by schoolkids has smoothed over some of its surfaces.


Just to the right is this very benign Brachiosaurus model, delightfully outdated from back when all sauropods were depicted in armpit-deep swamps chewing on squiggy stuff. Scientists now are pretty sure that Brachiosaurus preferred dry, flat, upland environments and probably fed on coniferous trees, gingkoes and cycads.


The one update he/she has gotten is a slightly more elaborate paint job; for many years the Brachiosaurus was a drab olive green all over. Now, some nice mottled browns and oranges can be seen on the skin.


A little Pterodactylus hides in the brush nearby.


And then to the left is this handsome fellow, Struthiomimus, who has a bit of a secret; like his friend the Stegosaurus at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, he is a replica of the Struthiomimus in the Sinclair Dinoland exhibit at the New York World’s Fair in 1964–65.

Struth 6_18_2015

Scan from my Sinclair Dinoland booklet!


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