Monster Monday: Heraldic Beasts!

Apologies for the lack of updates–Uncle Steve was out of town and I had to a lot to keep our animal rescue and household running.

So here is a big look at my sketchbook I have of Heraldic Beasts. I only have done my favorites, and only monsters so far. I may cover regular animals, too, eventually.

10983386_10205560544750594_8824470455515819864_n 11059928_10205564233002798_5401884259632706403_o 11224535_10205563234337832_6576924572376890962_n 11264848_10205563739070450_3189538102165445524_n 11760162_10205557731360261_689417653154306942_n 11781841_10205558600982001_3975954238406296908_n 11811536_10205565830602737_7302126644077561625_n


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