Halloween Countdown 2015: Dancing Pumpkin Guy!

I absolutely must pay tribute to Dancing Pumpkin Guy because of all the smiles and giggles he has brought me.Halloween SB 2015 45 9_15_ 2015

More properly known as the KXVO Pumpkin Dance, the video features a barrel-bodied guy in a unitard with a tiny pumpkin mask on his face, dancing as one does when one feels that no one is looking, truly getting down for quite a long time to a “Ghostbusters” cover. The man behind the mask is Matt Geiler, and in 2006, he was the anchor of the 10PM newscast at KXVO. He and his colleagues had to improvise to fill 22 minutes of programming, five nights a week, for the nightly newscast(Geiler is actually the blond guy right after the clip). After picking up a unitard at a local costume store and cutting a foam pumpkin decoration in half, this was how Geiler filled in some extra time. Somehow the video ended up on YouTube and the prancing pumpkin man became an internet sensation.

Thank you, Pumpkin Dance Guy, for all the giggles.


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