Halloween Countdown 2015: Bean-Boozled Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly!


Ah, jelly beans from Jelly Belly; they’re the only jelly beans I will eat, and I love them. I used to keep a jar of blueberry and cherry ones in my room as a teen, and they were precious commodities, since I didn’t drive yet and had to wait until I was at the flea market with the candy booth on weekend errands with my dad to get a new bag of them.
That was in the 80’s. Now, these once  innocent beans have taken a more lopsided and even sinister tone in today’s climate. In a never-ending quest to get edgy, Jelly Belly produced Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans from the Harry Potter Franchise, which has produced such gut-wrenching flavors as Booger,Dirt, Earthworm, Earwax, Grass, Rotten Egg, Sausage, Soap, and Vomit. Now they have upped the ante a notch or two and unveiled the Jelly Belly Beanboozled series. For instance, the black Licorice bean looks exactly like the Skunk Spray bean and sweet Caramel Corn might also be Moldy Cheese. It gets more interesting by making a game out of it, and the box I bought here is a sort of gift box/board game box complete with a spinner!


Flavor guide on the back of the box.WP_20150921_027

The spinner and the beans.


They look harmless enough. But oh, the misery of biting into a Moldy Cheese.

So how about it? Do you dare? 🙂


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