Halloween Countdown 2015: Drawlloween!

Drawlloween 2015 has begun! And so I hopefully I can make up for Monster Monday with the entries from the past few days. Can I? Can I?  Apologies for the scant posts; work has been crazy. I am thankful to have so much  work but it is seriously starting to crimp my Halloween enjoyment!

Anyway, here we go with my past few days of Drawlloween entries: Click any image to see it larger.

Day 1: GHOST

WP_20151001_012 WP_20151001_013 WP_20151001_014 WP_20151001_044

The cute on on the end is Uncle Steve’s contribution–I roped him into it too!

Day 2: DEVIL.

WP_20151002_001 WP_20151002_002 WP_20151002_003

I drew the Jersey Devil, which is one of my favorite monsters, and then decided to go with more humanoid ones.

Day 3: GOBLIN.

WP_20151003_006 WP_20151003_008 WP_20151003_009

Some of these lean toward Boglins and Trolls.


WP_20151004_001 WP_20151004_002 WP_20151004_004

I can see the little guy as a sidekick to the tall guy. The Salt Vampire just looks hung over.

Day 5: WEREWOLF (my favorite!!!)

WP_20151005_010 WP_20151005_012

I have a terrible time drawing clothes; that’s one reason I like drawing animals so much. They can go nekkid.


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