Halloween Countdown 2015–Suwanee Fall Festival!

So we went to the Suwanee Fall Festival and it was a madhouse of food, art, crafts, and everything in between..

WP_20150919_001 WP_20150919_002

One of the first things I noticed was the creation of a little town out of boxes, and kids could not only decorate a box but make the streets and such out of chalk. Then the graffitists took over,unfortunately, and half of the end of the street was covered in “I LUV CONNOR 4EVER” and such, and I think the little kids got tired of it and left.

WP_20150919_005 WP_20150919_011 WP_20150919_024

Next up was a booth with rescued parrots that the owner takes around the state for educational programs and entertainment. For a small donation I was granted the extreme privilege of holding a Palm Cockatoo, a bird I have always admired but never thought I would see alive, much less on my hand!
He was a male and very curious and affectionate. He kept trying to eat the cord on my necklace.

WP_20150919_014 WP_20150919_015 WP_20150919_020 WP_20150919_021

One artist was selling all sorts of painted gourds and her Halloween scenes were particularly delightful.


I took this pic because I think the little “king of pops” illustration was adorable. The pops are excellent.

WP_20150919_030 WP_20150919_031

At a later festival I ended up buying a shirt from this artist. I could not decide between the jack o’ lantern of the shark. but eventually flipped a mental coin and chose the  jack o’ lantern. I’ll get the shark another day!


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