Halloween Countdown 2015: Vintage Stores!

I am a flea market/antique store NUT. The store has to have the right blend, however. My friend Carla, who runs a store called Curious Possessions here in my town(which is my favorite) calls the mix “eclectic”. There are a few true antiques here and there–objects over 100 years old,plus items from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. 80’s items are minimal, and I would say 19990’s and 2000’s items are not welcome at all. No Barbies, no Nascar. Lots and lots of chippy, scratched items and things arranged in interesting, quirky ways that give you all sorts of idea on what to do with them.
Come enjoy a little trip through my two favorite vintage stores in my area– Vintage Village and its next-door neighbor, Curious Possessions.


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