Month: November 2015

Christmas Countdown: Wishing and Hoping!

I am a stingy little brute at times, I confess. I can’t see the bigger problems other people might have because I’m working on a wish list. I also have a few very stressful issues going on with our animal rescue right now, and internet hunting soothes my brain.
But, in truth, all I asked Steve for this Christmas were gift cards–Amazon, Ebay, Etsy,Hobby Lobby/Joann.

However, that doesn’t stop me from pooling together all the toys and other junk I would get if I had said gift cards! Hunting is fun, choosing is fun.


Cyclops Babies from Loveandasandwich!


Krampus Stocking!


Afterween: Walt Disney World Halloween Trip (Part two)

Welcome to part II of “Disney with a Creature-filled Hallowe’en Flair”! I know I am late, but the crap has hit the fan with a few things around here. I’m trying not to let it crimp my Christmas spirit,but I have had a couple of tough weeks.

First up is a gallery of pics from Epcot. Most are labelled, if you want to click on or mouse over them.


Christmas Countdown 2015:Candlelight Shopping!

As this time of year rolls around, I anticipate Candlelight Shopping at my favorite vintage stores, Vintage Village and now also Curious Possessions  in Snellville. Over two evenings, Vintage Village is transformed into a holiday wonderland of candlelit booths, twinkling Christmas lights everywhere, and trays of goodies and cider. This year we had twice as much to enjoy, as a store called Curious Possessions has opened up next door and had a holiday open house at the same time. Steve met me there and we had a wonderful evening!!
The gallery of photos here shows all the sparkling wonder in both stores. First, Vintage Village:


Afterween: Peanuts Halloween Art!


I am still giving you little bits of Halloween because, frankly, Halloween really got really big for me this year. There was so much I wanted to do, and so much I did, and a few things fell through the cracks. This was one. I asked my pal Robert Pope if he had some Peanuts artwork I could show off on my blog that was Hallowe’en-themed, and he really came through! He let me post this pic of a holiday goodie bag from his collection just for you guys!

I have to admit I am a little giddy…Robert has illustrated several books for Simon and Schuster that feature the PEANUTS characters. He has really nailed Charles Schulz’ style and I couldn’t be more proud for my friend. While this goodie bag above may not be his work, I can show you what IS. Take a look at You Got a Rock, Charlie Brown!

Thanks, Robert!

Afterween: Walt Disney World Halloween Trip 2015! (part one)

Steve and I got married in October2000 and had our honeymoon at Disney, so we go back every year for our anniversary. Over the years we have traveled there solo and with many friends along for the trip. This time we took Cuz’ns Karyn and Joanne along!

Note: I have been to Disney World so many times, that I now take pictures with a bit of a theme. This trip, I was looking for everything Halloween, creatures and monsters, and I was not disappointed. Hopefully you won’t be either! Enjoy!


Stopping at the Florida border. I’ve got Clipper and Crunchy with me!


The first thing I do when we get to our hotel room(in this case our usual Ramada Gateway Inn room) is decorate for Halloween. This is quickly done with window clings on the mirror that I got on Halloween clearance the year before.


Monster Monday: Sticker Monsters!

During all the Hallowe’en hubbub at Target, the store had all kinds of fun things in their “dollar” section.One of these items was a monster sticker activity book. Inside the book were a monster, pumpkin, and skull, with blank faces, and then there was a boatload of stickers to create faces for them. After making all my Hallowe’en denizens with the proper stickers that you knew went with each face, I had lots of stickers left over.


The Blue Peeved Pugnose Monster is my “properly” put-together face.

But then I started sticking the leftover face parts in my Hallowe’en book, and then drawing a monster around them, and then giving them funny names!

Take a look:


AfterWeen! Walker Stalker Con 2015

So this past Saturday, Hallowe’en, my dear husband, your Uncle Steve, took me to Walker Stalker Con! I had a terrific time and I do believe Steve did too, although horror really isn’t his thing. Still, he watches The Walking Dead and some of my scary movies with me, so he is knowledgeable of the genre.

I knew Robert Englund would be there, and I had done my usual thing and made a little Freddy puppet to present to him. I couldn’t wait. I was hoping he would do something fun with it when I gave it to him, and he didn’t disappoint.