Month: December 2015

Christmas Card: The Battle of Funyun Ridge.


(Incidentally, this card I sent to my friend Chace is in no way meant to make fun or veterans affairs in any way. )This all started when Chace posted this pic of a very strange art installment in his home town of Macon. One thing led to another, and soon we were singing the praises of those who fought valiantly at the Battle of Funyon Ridge (the old timers spell “Funyun” with an “o”) Click here to see Chace narrating what happened that fateful day.

Here is the art thing!




Happy Christmas!


Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas,Hannukah,Festivus,or whatever you celebrate!
Oops, I should explain: no stocking i ever received in my youth was complete without a can of Hershey’s syrup. Uncle Steve now continues my parents’ tradition with a bottle of the stuff! Mmmm!

Christmas Cards to Friends!

Well, with all the animal rescue stress I am dealing with, I announced a few weeks ago that I wasn’t doing cards this year. People understood, but I felt bad. I LOVE making cards and I get ecstatic over receiving cards, especially handmade ones. I like to imagine people getting my individually made cards catered to their pets or hobbies or my pets or characters that they like, and feeling special. So, I did it.
I forgot to scan all of them as I made them, so I have been being a heel and asking people to please photograph them for me as they receive them so I can document them. Here are a few–click to see descriptions!

Christmastime Vintage Village Visit


So Aunt Liz here had a little Christmas money, and I took myself to Vintage Village to unwind after a particularly idiotic morning getting the morning chores done in holiday traffic and since I was off that day.

A few weeks earlier, when Uncle Steve and I attended the marvelous Candlelight Shopping event at Vintage Village and Curious Possessions, I completely fell in love with a teddy bear in a charming little display in a booth called “Fritzis”:


The Continued Armor Party Manual.

And here we have the rest of the Armor Party Manual for my friends’ Christmas gifts. Click on the images to read about them. 🙂

Big Dummy.


I’ve often alluded to my toys I snuggle with and this is another of them, Big Dummy. He is a giant size Doodle Dinosaur (link shows a regular size one). The big ones are a bit hard to come by, but I got all four of the small ones when they first came out–more on them later.
I feel bad sometimes about his name, but because he is so mooshy and floppity he has a tendency to fall off the side of the bed and I started mumbling, “you big dummy”, without thinking, and it stuck.. 😀