My apologies for being gone so long, if you are a regular reader. As I may have mentioned, we hit a crisis with our animal rescue that involves rescuing several feral cats before someone starts possibly poisoning them. While we are still in the middle of this, we at least have an organized plan now, so I can breathe a bit easier.
We have had some family crap going on, too, plus Uncle Steve lost his job again. Right now I don’t feel like putting up Christmas ornaments or a tree, mainly because how much it depresses me to take them down, and I don’t need that right now.
However, I have had some bright spots, and I am enjoying everyone else’s Christmas decor. I have also been making a lot of presents. For my side of the family, I buy things because I don’t think of them are really interested in my artwork, but I am making a lot of art pieces for friends that I think they will enjoy. One of these is a little book that commemorates our Armor Party Adventures in the form of an Etiquette and Safety Handbook.


Here is page 1. I have given two of them their books, and one of them is the only person who reads this blog on her own, so I think I am safe publishing this here for now. 🙂

AP manual00


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