Christmastime Vintage Village Visit


So Aunt Liz here had a little Christmas money, and I took myself to Vintage Village to unwind after a particularly idiotic morning getting the morning chores done in holiday traffic and since I was off that day.

A few weeks earlier, when Uncle Steve and I attended the marvelous Candlelight Shopping event at Vintage Village and Curious Possessions, I completely fell in love with a teddy bear in a charming little display in a booth called “Fritzis”:

He was a large, obviously very cuddly, grizzly-type bear, which I dig. He had a very handsome face and was reading a story to several little bears of more of the cutesy/beany variety, and a few nice traditional-style ones. But he stood out. He was the type of teddy bear that really made you feel safe as a kid. I had a hard time resisting him on subsequent visits. A few of his friends found new homes,but he was still there yesterday.
I had an inkling he was a 1980’s teddy bear, and a check of his tag revealed he was made in 1985, which was a stellar year in my life. He was made by the company Applause, Inc., which no longer exists but was folded into another company…I forgot which one. But Applause and Dakin ruled the stuffed toy world in the 80’s. Oh, their toys were  beautiful.

And so, after a brief photo to document the booth and his companions he was leaving behind, I took this big, marvelous teddy into my arms and strolled around the rest of the store before purchasing him. Naming him after the booth’s “title”, I called him Fritz.


And here he sits in his new home, ready for snuggles on the sofa. He is great to put my arms around to support my book while I read, and he just feels so luxurious. Hugging a teddy just transports my mind and body back to simpler times in my life, when I had so little responsibilities or worries, and I’m not ashamed to admit that at all. Fritz is especially lovely to have around right now since I sent Uncle Steve to visit his family in New Jersey, and due to responsibilities right now, I can’t go. When life sucks, hug a teddy. ❤


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