Some Christmas Fallout 2015: Presents from Steve!

Actually, these are some little gifts Steve brought me back from his trip to visit his family in New Jersey.


Visiting our usual haunts of vintage toy stores such as The House of Fun, and new toy stores like The Happy Hippo, yer Uncle Steve brought a delightful  bag of tricks home that definitely helped to cheer my mood after having possibly one of the rottenest years of my life.

The stickers, which are glow-in-the-dark, are the outlines and skeletal systems of a cow, bat, lioness(or perhaps tiger) and mole. They look so cool in the package I might just keep them that way and stick them up on the ol’ magnet wall/board.
The rubber hand came with a mate, but they are still both right hands. Being a puppeteer, tiny hands you can put on your fingers always have possibilities….

The PEZ dispenser brought me great smiles of awe; see, one thing we do not have here in Georgia are Wawa stores. When we go to(South) Jersey to visit Steve’s family, I have to visit a Wawa at least thirty-seven times just to bask in the glory of the goodness they offer. There is, my friends, nothing quite like a Wawa. Plus, PEZ is kickass candy, and the little truck’s wheels actually move so it is not only fun to play with as a candy dispenser but also to roll around idly on the desk as I browse my old Amazon wishlists. Yes, it is out of the package!

Moving into sillier territory, the small monster finger puppet is a direct descendant of the crazy wee rubber wiggly monster finger puppets of decades past. He has four eyes and pincer hands…look out! Steve might have also been channeling our slight fondness for things with eyes on stalks as well. ❤
Accompanying him is a wacked-out, one-eyed monster of the wind-up-hopping variety. She is also made of that squishy gooey rubber that attracts every piece of dirt and cat hair in the room. Her little white plastic feet make me think she is wearing her species’ brand of go-go boots. She will be most welcome in my Collection of One-Eyed Things.


And at last, the icing on top. Steve had told me on the phone while still on vacation that he had gotten me some fun toys and things from the aforementioned stores,bless him, and I was on pins and needles wondering what they could be. He always picks such fun gifts, and he did not disappoint. “You are really gonna crack up at what I bought you,” he is quoted as saying. 🙂
First I need to provide the backstory as to why I would have such a beefy looking little guy standing on my festive tablecloth.
Steve and I are avid listeners of the HILARIOUS  The Purple Stuff Podcast by Matt of Dinosaur Dracula and Jay of The Sexy Armpit,and this episode fully reveals the extent to which Brutus the Barber Beefcake,plus his theme,commonly shows up in the conversation(about 17 minutes in, if you want to scroll). Click here to hear his theme. Steve and I now can just start humming/jiving that theme and we can break each other up. So, Mr. Beefcake, Matt and Jay, special thanks to you for providing us laughs in the most ridiculous trains of thought possible.




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