My god. David Bowie is dead.

This was my first real exposure to The Thin White Duke. I had always heard the name but didn’t really pay that much attention. Then, I watched Live Aid all day on the day it happened, and this video premiered sometime during that day. Since I taped the whole broadcast, I had this on tape and I watched over and over. Loved it, loved it. the humor these two display with each other is priceless.

And of course, as Jared, he completely captivated me as he probably did many of you. Since I was a girl about Sarah’s age when the movie debuted, Labyrinth made me ponder about growing up, prodded into areas of my mind that hadn’t been awakened yet, and both disturbed me and turned me on.

It’s only forever, not long at all.

RIP, Our Goblin King.


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