Monster Monday (late) Engraving of a Camphor.



In looking up creatures in engravings tonight, I came across this unicorn with webbed hind feet and no visible ears. Upon further research I discovered that this is known as the camphor, an Ethiopian species of unicorn. It also has a very whiskered face, a stubby tail, and a thick curly mane that covers the entire neck. Cute little guy.



  1. What do you mean by engravings? Do you have a collection of engravings, or is a website or a book?
    I agree with you, that Camphor is very cute. ^_^


    1. Hi! thanks! I simply look online for “engravings of monsters/creatures/devils/demons, etc.,” and look through them. When I find one that I would like to replicate, I then go at it. It teaches me about shading, and makes me change up my style a bit to think of naturalistic drawing the way folks did it back then…often having a fantastic or noble quality but bearing little resemblance to reality!

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