Thunder Lizard Thursday: Ankylosaurus!


Okay, I admit I got a little  cartoony on this one, but it was hard to resist. 🙂

Ankylosaurus (meaning “Fused reptile”) was the last and largest of the armoured dinosaurs.  Its body was protected with bony plates, with additional horn-like coverings. Low-slung and wider than they were tall, the various species of Ankylosaurs were like tanks.
An  Ankylosaurus’ skull was thick with two pairs of sharp horns at the back of the head. Parts of the tail vertebrae were fused like the handle of a club, while the base of the tail remained flexible. At the end of the tail, a series of plates were fused together and held aloft by tail vertebra fused together, making a massive 50kg bony club  which at full swing could smash the skulls of even the most ferocious carnivores. Other theories about the tail club suggest that it may have been used for combat between two Ankylosaurus, and  display purposes for attracting mates.




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