The Big Purple Sketchbook: Bartholomew 2016!

Apologies for no Thunder Lizard Thursday; I have been very ill with vertigo issues all day, and I can barely move my head to even pick up my drawing materials. I drew this last night:

bartholomew 2016.jpg

Bartholomew is a character I created and drew all over EVERYTHING when I was in grade school. I think at first he was supposed to be an alien. But I can’t see him manning a spaceship. He seems like more of  a little monster that might inhabit an exotic garden. So I have him a  freshening-up for 2016 and I like it! I traded his original turquoise fur for purple; since Mo, my logo character has that shade of blue, I tried Bart out with purple out of my crayon box. I think it suits him even better.
This is one of the first drawings in my Big Purple Sketchbook, which I bought at Barnes & Noble with a gift card from Cuz’n Ashley. It’s such a fun color, I feel like using only crayons and other kiddie art supplies in it exclusively, and it’s FUN!



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