About Dragon Patch TV

Khan the Chinese Dragon. Photo by Angry Dog Studios.

Khan the Chinese Dragon.
Photo by Angry Dog Studios.

Dragon Patch TV is a variety blog featuring  art and information about nature, folklore, myths, legends, bizarre science, art and everything inbetween. From dinosaurs to dragons, we cover it all. Occasionally a video might pop up with some of the residents of Dragon Patch, Georgia. 🙂

As far as subject matter goes, this blog deals with the amazing things in the natural and sometimes the unnatural world.  Art in many forms is explored and appreciated. You might like to visit if you’re interested in all the things I’m interested in–unusual facts about nature and sometimes the man-made world; myths and legends; fine art and cartoons; puppetry; and humor.

The mediums for the artwork on this site include a variety of materials, so I don’t post the same type of thing every day. I use watercolor, marker, pen and ink, colored pencil,pastel, charcoal,chalk, scratchboard, acrylics,clay, and cut paper so far.

This was a project started to get me filming, writing, drawing, painting and building every day; no matter who is watching, no matter how many fans or watchers it might have. I want to do it, and I have a passion for it. Inspiration from the short educational programs on public tv that I watched as a kid, combined with my love of all things monstrous,spooky and kooky, have brewed together to make this little site. If you are here, welcome, and I hope you enjoy yourself.

Sit back and enjoy the residents of Dragon Patch.

We may not let you out.