Happy Easter: Celebrating Monstrous Eggs!

dad raptor

Happy Easter, everyone! Well, this year our glorious egg-filled holiday¬†sneaked up on me,plus we have had a tragedy in our group of friends. I am trying to just be constructive today because I was not able to attend¬†a visitation. When you have an animal rescue, you just can’t get up and go where you need to go that easily.
Anyway, with that said, let’s delve into some of my favorite EGGS from film and TV:


Fiery Friday Dragons: The Drac of France!

Drac of France_0002.jpg


In the south of France, the little town of Beaucarie nestles on the banks of the River Rhone. In the 13th century,in the deep waters of this river, lived the Drac, an immense scaly beast that killed over 3,000 villagers and knights. Although it primarily lurked in the water, this serpentlike dragon had wings.
Early French and Germanic histories tell of the many unsuccessful campaigns to slay the Drac. Ocino, Ragnarold, and Umberto of Guineve all attempted to kill it, but their campaigns failed,and it is supposed that the Drac eventually died of old age.

A legend is told that a young woman was taken by the dragon to care for the beast’s¬†¬†hatchlings. The woman¬†was under a spell that made her forget her mortal life for seven years as she cared for the young dragons. She and all mortals were unable to see the dragon unless the Drac¬†wished. The woman was made to¬†rub a magic cream on the eyes of the hatchlings under the instructions of the dragon, and in the process¬†she accidentally smeared¬†some in her own eye. This action caused her¬†to be gifted with draconic sight, and she was able to see the dragon on her own. The Drac¬†returned the woman to her village after seven years.
The young¬†woman then tried to warn the townspeople of the dragon but no one would¬†believe her story. When the dragon discovered that the woman could see her, she returned with venegance, and ripped out the woman’s dragon-sighted eye so that¬†the woman could no longer detect her presence.