Spooky Saturday and Salute Sunday cancelled this week.

Friends, I have had an awful weekend that included having to put down one of our rescue kitties, and losing my engagement and wedding rings. In addition to my grief I shredded my house in search of the rings(insert Gollum quotes here). Today I am cleaning up the mess, because my rings were found. Our┬ácat Tiny Clyde, who stays upstairs in the main part of the house,had knocked them out of their ring holder in the kitchen, but had brought them to me and I didn’t even know it. After a full 24-hour search, they were found in the bed in the master bedroom. Tiny Clyde often brings me toys and stuffs them under my head and under the covers at night, so I am positive he was just bringing me my rings.
Apologies if you enjoy this blog and I I let you down a couple of days. It’s been a bit nutty here.


Tiny Clyde, Jewel Thief and Returner.