Monsters of South America

Movie Monster Tributes: Q – The Winged Serpent!


Sometimes just known as “Q”,  this is a 1982 movie starring David Carradine and Michael Moriarty. Shepard (Carradine) is a New York City Cop investigating a series of ritual homicides. Bodies turn up mutilated in ways such as having the hearts cut out. Meanwhile, Jimmy Quinn (Moriarty) is a piano player and petty criminal who gets caught up in a jewelry store heist. When things go awry, he flees with the stolen jewels, abandoning his fellow crooks. He hides the loot in a forgotten attic space at the top of the Chrysler building,  and there he finds an enormous nest near a hole in the roof.
The two plot lines come together when Shepard figures out that an Aztec cult priest has been convincing victims to be semi- willing human sacrifices as he prays the ancient Aztec  serpent god Quetzalcoatl back into existence. Quetzalcoatl nests in the top of the Chrysler building, flying out on occasion to snatch unsuspecting New Yorkers from rooftops. Jimmy lures the other crooks to the nest and cheers as Q devours them. Then, for a promise of immunity and one million dollars, tax free, he informs Shepard where to find the nest.

Monsters of South America: The Alicanto!



In Chilean mythology, the Alicanto  is a bird of the desert of Atacama.The Alicanto’s wings shine during the night with beautiful, metallic colors. The bird’s eyes emit strange lights which makes their nighttime flights luminous.

A miner will have good luck if he sees the Alicanto. The metallic-feathered birds live in small caves between hills that contain minerals, and they feed on gold and silver.

If a miner follows an Alicanto without being caught, he can find silver or gold. But, if the Alicanto discovers him, the bird may guide the expectant miner off a cliff, causing him to fall to his death.