The Thing, TMI.

thing dog.jpg


I only had two jobs today(I entertain and do art therapy classes at assisted living homes) but I am more tired than I have been in weeks. Vegging out on the sofa and looking at way too many behind-the-scenes videos of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. And scribbling assimilated dogs. It’s tough, because I love dogs, and even though I know in reality no doggies were harmed, in my imagination I can see the agony that the movie dogs went through quite clearly.

Poor Little Dink.


There’s a bit of a sad story behind this little Shrinky Dink. See, a few years ago, I thought I would get to return to a place of employment that I had sincerely enjoyed. It was a creative job, I had made friends there and had learned a lot of techniques, and was I was truly looking forward to diving back in after a seasonal hiatus. Alas, I was not asked back and was told my skills wouldn’t be needed again. I had made this little Shinky Dink zipper pull to put on a new tote bag I had bought specifically for work. Still,I hold no malice and would totally jump right back in if asked. I love the people there.

Misty Artist Card!

misty art card

I completely forgot to show this..it’s a little artist trading card I drew for my friend Melissa,who worked her first year at Tour of Southern Ghosts with me.
Misty’s a little bit difficult to draw sometimes, as she has a rather amorphous shape. But I think I captured her sparkling personality enough.:)