Wayback Wednesday:Clumsy!

Clumsy, Copyright 1987 Elizabeth Steed Vitale

Clumsy, Copyright 1987 Elizabeth Steed Vitale

I drew this back in 1987, and possibly for my parents’ anniversary. I figure this because my dad recently gave me back a bunch of old artwork I had done for them years ago.

It is on a canvas board that has price tag on the back from “The Do-It-Yourself Shop”. I think I remember this store, but it sounds like a place I would have loved to visit.
I am guessing this scenario must be taking place in a zoo, as the sulphur-crested cockatoos in the tree are  native to Australia and New Guinea and some of the islands of Indonesia, while the ostriches (note the weird, gross knot of their necks, haha) are of course from Africa.
Even with its obvious mistakes, you can see my drawing style pretty much is set here. Although I still draw animals in a cartoon style, I do pay close attention to anatomy–how legs bend, how wings fold–and it looks as if I had a pretty clear idea even if some parts aren’t proportioned quite right.

Sticky Dumbness: The Esophagus Man.

The Esophagus Man, Copyright 2013 Liz Vitale

The Esophagus Man, Copyright 2013 Liz Vitale

Actually,The Esophagus Man and I go way back, to my high school days. I was on our school’s newspaper staff and produced some of the cartoons and illustrations with my pal Alex. In our official newspaper cartoon, entitled “Sir Charles and Nogard”, which was about a space-traveling knight and his dragon friend(I really should revisit that), The Esophagus Man was not exactly an adversary, but definitely an aggressive force of nature that would disrupt whatever scene he was in. He would run through a panel, jabbering his strange language that sounded something like “Ableah! Bluhbluhbluhbleah ableah bleah!” and totally mess everything up. I miss him. (more…)

Throwback Thursday: “Family”!


I absolutely cannot stop laughing at this drawing. I was probably about 7–10 years old, because my hair is super-long and our youngest kitty was still “Tuffy” before her name was changed to Little Kitty(we kept calling her “The Little Kitty” and it just stuck). You can see my mom in her smart skirt,her favorite color yellow blouse, big sunglasses and overloaded purse, Dad in his business suit, our three cats and dog, my brother Scott in his Aussie hat and with his dirt bike, my grandmother in her polyester suit and Granddaddy with his square-topped hair(it wasn’t a buzz cut; it was so thick it just naturally lay like that). Granddaddy also seems to be holding a list of some sort, or maybe it’s a book; we used to read a lot together, mainly National Geographic.

I also seemed to be in great need of a new pen; this is some sad inking, here.

And am I taking something out of Mother’s purse?? How did I get away with that?

Snackerdoodles: A Special Blend of Programming

Snackerdoodles   3_ 2_ 2015 2

A Special Blend of Programming, copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

If I had my choice I’d love to be
Watching Three’s Company and WKRP.
Who’s the Boss,Silver Spoons,
and lots of great Saturday cartoons.
Reading RainbowFraggle Rock,
The Love Boat sailing ’round the clock!
I miss Mork & Mindy, and The A-Team..
And Dallas and Falcon Crest on the screen.
Yes, I’d certainly love to be
In a TV town in ’83.
But if you’ll blend me a smoothie we can groove
Enjoying old hits on good ol’ YouTube.



Okay, folks, I think I win for coolest t-shirt right now. At least for a day. A few hours, maybe? Crown me queen of the awesome shirt? Actually,credit should go to my pal Detag, who gave me this for Christmas. Plain and simple, it’s a mashup of The Dark Crystal and Donkey Kong.


Halloween Countdown 2014–“Telefone” by Sheena Easton!!

One thing you new readers need to know is that I am an 80’s junkie. I miss them and I love finding old videos, shows,posters, books, toys, commercials, clothes, EVERYTHING 80’s.

I was a big fan of Sheena Easton back in the day. I still like her,but as a teen, I idolized her. I had short hair cut very similar to hers and had I had a professional stylist I’m sure I could have gotten her look. I was of course, thinner, younger and cuter then,and I think in the right light I could have been a fine Sheena lookalike.

Not only did I love her music and her look, but also her sense of humor, You could not possibly do this video that she made for her song “Telefone”(also known as “Long Distance Love Affair”) without one. Believe me, my little Halloweeners, It’s worth a look.;)