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Fiery Friday: The Dragon Jacket of “Beat It”


White Jacket Dragon, Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

I was listening to “Beat It” this morning on my 80’s station. Love the song, love the video, however cheesy it might be by today’s standards. It being Fiery Friday, I instantly thought of that kooky white puffy jacket that one of the gang leaders(played by choreographer Michael Peters) wears. On the back side is a black and white oriental dragon, and I immediately looked up screenshots of the video when I got home from my morning errands.

Michael Peters Jacket

Really great graphic; I suppose this day and age it would be “great tat art”, but I will agree it has a compact design that I could easily see on someone’s arm. At first I thought it was just the dragon’s head. Then I began to examine it more closely.




Okay, folks, I think I win for coolest t-shirt right now. At least for a day. A few hours, maybe? Crown me queen of the awesome shirt? Actually,credit should go to my pal Detag, who gave me this for Christmas. Plain and simple, it’s a mashup of The Dark Crystal and Donkey Kong.


Halloween Countdown 2014–MEMENTO MORI SHOP at the Magic Kingdom!

Our friends from all over are pouring into Walt Disney World this past month and returning with treasures from Memento Mori, the brand-spanking-new store that has opened up, no doubt, after decades of howling from us Haunted Mansion fans.

At last, it was our turn. Taking our usual wedding anniversary trip, tacking on a few friends, and doing the trip on the cheap(staying off Disney property,mainly), we scouted out this wondrous new store that at last kicked out that useless Yankee Trader place and put Haunted Mansion merchandise in a full fledged shop where it BELONGS instead of just on a dinky cart!

Halloween Countdown 2014– Mint Conspiracy!

Let’s hear it for wee furry collectible monsters! That is what you’ll find at Mint Conspiracy, a site owned by my dear friend Jill. She designs and builds these terrific little darlings and demons, and the line is always changing! There’s something for almost every taste here, and if you like what you see but want something a bit more unique to you, chances are she can custom build your own little individual beast.

Halloween Countdown 2014–Halloween Hot Sauce!

Looking for something to put a little “bite” into your next sandwich or burger? Well, have we got the cadaverous condiment for you!

Halloween Hot Sauce!

WP_20141018_001 WP_20141018_002 WP_20141018_003

Spider Venom, with gauze shroud secured by a toe tag!! Also thrown in were some grave(gummy) worms.

Our dear friend Victor at Moonlit Hill Mortuary conjures up these tasty concoctions all year round, and we have a bottle of the mild variety known as “Spider Venom”. To see the other flavors, and take a look at the artful way in which Victor “The Undertaker” enshrouds his spooky sauce, go to!

These are just great to have anyway. They taste great, are all natural, and all joking aside, made with no preservatives.

If you choose to purchase a bottle as a gift, you might want to go with the “in Coffin” variety, which arrives in its own tiny handcrafted wooden coffin, also made at Moonlit Mortuary.

Drag your bones over to  the Halloween Hot Sauce Site, folks, and snatch a bottle!

Halloween Countdown 2014– Octopus Skirt!

Every October, for our anniversary, my husband and I (and sometimes a few friends) visit Walt Disney World to attend Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Basically it’s a trick-or-treating party within the Magic Kingdom for all ages, adults included! So a costume is a must. You basically have to keep it clean, not wear a mask or helmet, and be mobile and not able to cause danger to yourself and others. In other words, leave the booby and gore costumes at home, and wear nothing in which you might fall down some steps in and impale someone.

Two friends and I are doing 1950’s bobby-soxer skirts with a theme I have always wanted to do–1950’s bobby-soxer skirts, Halloween-style. As in, instead of a poodle, the skirt has a Halloween or scary-themed animal or other character. And a Halloween color scheme. So now, we have skirts that are orange with a skull, green with a ghost, and mine, which is…

Octopus skirt

Black with a pink octopus!

I was going to do a giant squid (for a Captain Nemo nod!) but ten arms were just too much to deal with. This guy here already has a handicap of seven(graphically it just didn’t work, and octopi do lose arms).

The other girls are wearing cute saddle oxfords, but I made my skirt specifically to go with my pink high-top Chuck Taylors. I’m thinking in the end I may look a tad like Mizzy Scarlet from The Monster Plantation at Six Flags in the process. 🙂

I’ve had eye surgery and some trying times as a result. Looking forward to this trip!