Cards: Hal’s Birthday Card, 2016.


A card I made for my dear friend Hal for his birthday. I got a bit loopy on this, utilizing  monsters, fingerprint characters and general grossness…

If you can’t read my hieroglyphics, the flavors are:
Shark Bait
Tooty-Footsy(double scoop)
Bigfoot Tracks
Snot Ripple
Pink Poo
Slime with Sprinkles
Monster Muck

Christmas Cards to Friends!

Well, with all the animal rescue stress I am dealing with, I announced a few weeks ago that I wasn’t doing cards this year. People understood, but I felt bad. I LOVE making cards and I get ecstatic over receiving cards, especially handmade ones. I like to imagine people getting my individually made cards catered to their pets or hobbies or my pets or characters that they like, and feeling special. So, I did it.
I forgot to scan all of them as I made them, so I have been being a heel and asking people to please photograph them for me as they receive them so I can document them. Here are a few–click to see descriptions!

Halloween Countdown 2015 and Fingerprint Follies: Jason Voorhees!

Jason card_0001

I made a card for a dear friend who costumes as Jason.
I mailed it, but he doesn’t have computer access right now. I can show you guys and I won’t spoil the surprise.
Yep, that’s a fingerprint for his head/mask. I had such fun on this tiny drawing.
Happy Halloween Eve, everyone!

Fingerprint Follies: Karyn’s Birthday Card, 2015. “The Airbrush Chronicles”.

Cuz’n Karyn is one of my best friends in this world. And because she has to deal with a lot of…shall we say,”life crap” , that I know weighs her down from time to time, any opportunity I have to make Karyn laugh I will grab by the horns. I had that opportunity this past weekend, at a movie night party we were having at Cuz’n Joanne’s place.

Incidentally, if you see me mention “The Tomato Gang”, that is this group. We eat dinner frequently at a restaurant called “The Green Tomato”.

See, Karyn is one of my friends in our Star Wars costuming groups, in particular, the Rebel Legion. She costumes as a Twi’lek Jedi.
And she is blue. I want to post a photo of her amazing costume but I won’t without her permission. Anyway, to get that amazing blue look, it takes an airbrush, a lot of time, patience and practice, and experimenting with different paints. And the constant upkeep and learning and trial and error with the airbrush produces, let’s say…some funny moments. Most of these occur at what are called “Armor Parties”, in which we gather at a friend’s house to eat,work on costumes or other projects, eat, work, and eat some more. And make a mess.
Karyn bday 9_12_ 2015