Carousel Art

Carousel Art: Walt Disney World Carousel Indian Brave Mount!

I’ve been scanning some old photos, and one of them led me to start some posts and artwork dealing with carousels. If an amusement park has a carousel, no matter how big, small, how long the line, etc., I am going to ride it or bust. I love them. Such is the case with the Carousel at ¬†Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando.

Liz Brave Horse 2014 sm

2014. ūüėÄ

My absolute favorite horse on this carousel is one with an Indian brave theme. Having both Choctaw and Cherokee heritage, that might be the reason I am always drawn to it. It is the only one like it I have ever seen on the carousel at a time. Sometimes it can get ugly for me to get this horse when I’m ready to ride..:)

The horses are regularly removed and freshened up with new paint jobs and any repairs needed; after all the years of continuous use, the horses look so pristine because they are regularly being swapped out. Spare horses are always behind the scenes as the horses go through a refinishing and repainting process.The craftswoman who supervised and maintained the Walt Disney World carousel for more than 20 years was a talented craftswoman named Isle Voght. Disney removed her from that responsibility eventually, but she managed to put in writing much of the history of the carousel.