Halloween Countdown 2015: Happy National Black Cat Day!

Hello Everyone! It is National Black Cat Day!

If you love black cats, please share this post. Black cats are still to this day associated with bad luck and, sadly, are more likely to be put to sleep or wait a long time to be adopted from shelters. Many grow up in shelters because people simply pass them over because of their color. It is time to put the superstitions about black cats to rest. If you own a black cat, please post photos of them on social media today and help spread awareness about the Joy of Black Cats!

Here are ours in our rescue:




Halloween Countdown 2015: Tiny Clyde’s Wolf!

WP_20150925_007 One of my best pals since high school, Bekah, has almost the same birthday as me. We send each other Target giftcards every year and I love the funny little exchange. I decided to sit on mine until Hallowe’en items began to arrive at Target stores, and bought this amazing wolf statue yesterday. My kitty TIny Clyde has been hanging out with it for a couple of hours now. 😀

Snackerdoodles: Little Blue Steve Guy Helping with Pet Shelter Duties!

Little Blue Steve Guy Helping with Pet Shelter Duties, © 2015 Liz Vitale

Little Blue Steve Guy Helping with Pet Shelter Duties, © 2015 Liz Vitale

If you’ve read this blog a while, you know that our lives rotate quite a bit around our animal rescue. Sometimes it is very difficult for me to get out the door for something early in the morning because of all the responsibility. Steve definitely helps every day, but the other day when I needed to get many things done so that I could make the two-hour trek up to see my dad for a Father’s Day outing, Steve really stepped up double-time and pitched in, and I made it on time. ❤

Kitty Memories: Starting Out with the First Two!


I’ve had this lovely little sketchbook, that my dear friend  Cuz’n Ashley gave me, for a while. It has glorious handmade paper inside, which I always find intoxicating to draw with, so I wanted to put something special in it. At last I decided to make a book of all the kitties my family has owned and or rescued.

KM 6_6_2015

KM2  6_6_2015

These are the first two; Baby Kitty and Frisky were the cats I had as a baby, and were both black. As I got a bit older, cats of other colors seemed strange to me. My early exposure to black cats may be why I am still partial to them to this day.:)