My god. David Bowie is dead.

This was my first real exposure to The Thin White Duke. I had always heard the name but didn’t really pay that much attention. Then, I watched Live Aid all day on the day it happened, and this video premiered sometime during that day. Since I taped the whole broadcast, I had this on tape and I watched over and over. Loved it, loved it. the humor these two display with each other is priceless.

And of course, as Jared, he completely captivated me as he probably did many of you. Since I was a girl about Sarah’s age when the movie debuted, Labyrinth made me ponder about growing up, prodded into areas of my mind that hadn’t been awakened yet, and both disturbed me and turned me on.

It’s only forever, not long at all.

RIP, Our Goblin King.

AfterWeen! Walker Stalker Con 2015

So this past Saturday, Hallowe’en, my dear husband, your Uncle Steve, took me to Walker Stalker Con! I had a terrific time and I do believe Steve did too, although horror really isn’t his thing. Still, he watches The Walking Dead and some of my scary movies with me, so he is knowledgeable of the genre.

I knew Robert Englund would be there, and I had done my usual thing and made a little Freddy puppet to present to him. I couldn’t wait. I was hoping he would do something fun with it when I gave it to him, and he didn’t disappoint.


Halloween Countdown 2015: BEST HALLOWE’EN EVER!

This may well be the best dangblasted Hallowe’en I’ve ever had. Why, do you ask? I’ll elucidate:

I spent this day:


Being clawed by Freddy,


Being choked by Jason,


And laughing my head off at Robert Englund scratching (or picking??) his nose with MiniFreddy’s claws.

Yes, it has been a marvelous Hallowe’en,everyone. I will report more on these events after I’ve come down from my starstruck/sugar high.

Halloween Countdown 2015–Mini Freddy!

He’s done! He’s done! And he’s all ready to go meet his inspiration and go home with him on Halloween at Walker Stalker Con!!
Oh, wow, I can’t wait.

We also did a little photo shoot….

Oh, Mini Freddy, you little badass, you…:)

EDIT Here are some other in-progress pics I had forgotten to include:

Halloween Countdown 2015: Freddy Puppet Progress!

I am so excited. I got kinda recharged with classic horror movies of my teen years recently, namely the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. So when I heard that Robert Englund would be appearing at Walker Stalker con OVER HALLOWEEN, I was all over it. And since my dear husband started me on a tradition of making little funny puppets for famous actors when I meet them at cons, of course I had to get started on a  Freddy Krueger puppet.


So first comes the basic hand puppet, or “glove puppet” as I specifically call it. Your fingers operate the two hands and the head. This kind of puppet usually cannot have a moving mouth, but it can do so much gesturing with its arms and hands(however short they may be :D) and it can pick up things with its hands. They are also easy to make and so cute and small.
I’m making Freddy in red cotton and painting flesh over it,leaving gaps where the red muscle shows through. Later I will add more detail with markers.


Working on his sweater. Painted red fleece. It’s a bit crude, but once it’s all together the crude stripes may add to the grunginess of the character.


While the body and head are drying I do a quick fitting to make the hat. I also have him a small pompom nose,like a  Muppet nose.

Stay tuned for more progress!

Halloween Countdown 2015: Happy Birthday Tom Petty!

The infamous video for

Don’t Come Around Here No More.

It’s got costumes, it’s creepy. I think we women may get especially squicked out by this video, but I still love it. I always get a giggle out of Mike Campbell’s biting the cup in half and Howie Epstein’s( god rest his soul) making a face as he slams down a plate of donuts.

This video and song have long been some of my favorites of Petty’s work. I know that at the time he was going nuts from taking himself too seriously and recording and drinking and getting all worked up over everything and smashed his hand to smithereens..but after this album, he was a lot mellower, calmer human being.

He’s my favorite musician, and I’ve been a lifetime fan. He sent me some cool stuff after I wrote him an art-filled fan letter(I’ll elaborate on that another day); I’ll always be a fan. Tom, here’s to you on your birthday; have a good one.