Christmas Countdown 2015

The One-Eyed Christmas Beast, 2015

one eye Xmas Beast 20156

Since my mood has at last improved,I finally got around to creating this year’s One Eyed Christmas Beast. It may be 2016 now(at LAST), but this is for 2015. You can see last year’s  One Eyed Christmas Beast here.
Here he is being welcomed into the family here at Ice Station Eyeball.

Some Christmas Fallout 2015: Presents from Steve!

Actually, these are some little gifts Steve brought me back from his trip to visit his family in New Jersey.


Visiting our usual haunts of vintage toy stores such as The House of Fun, and new toy stores like The Happy Hippo, yer Uncle Steve brought a delightful  bag of tricks home that definitely helped to cheer my mood after having possibly one of the rottenest years of my life.


Happy Christmas!


Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas,Hannukah,Festivus,or whatever you celebrate!
Oops, I should explain: no stocking i ever received in my youth was complete without a can of Hershey’s syrup. Uncle Steve now continues my parents’ tradition with a bottle of the stuff! Mmmm!

Christmas Cards to Friends!

Well, with all the animal rescue stress I am dealing with, I announced a few weeks ago that I wasn’t doing cards this year. People understood, but I felt bad. I LOVE making cards and I get ecstatic over receiving cards, especially handmade ones. I like to imagine people getting my individually made cards catered to their pets or hobbies or my pets or characters that they like, and feeling special. So, I did it.
I forgot to scan all of them as I made them, so I have been being a heel and asking people to please photograph them for me as they receive them so I can document them. Here are a few–click to see descriptions!