Monster Monday: Old Engraving, “Demon Summoned by a Witch”

“Demon Summoned by a Witch”, from an old engraving, © 2015 Liz Vitale

While looking through Google results of “monster engravings”,I came upon this wonder. There was a witch kneeling in front of the three-headed creature, but I left her off. This is one of the strangest conjunctions of heads I have ever seen on a monster; a bird’s head with a forked tongue, a man-like head, and a head that looks quite like an otter’s.
it’s been a lot of fun drawing like the old engravings; it really makes me focus on just how many small lines go into shadowing a particular area.

The Cosmographia Unaversalis is an amazing compilation of books by Sebastian Munster; he and I would have gotten along swimmingly, judging by our interests. Not only is the Cosmographia Unaversalis full of maps of faraway places, but the books are loaded with a wide variety of subjects: “portraits of kings and princes, costumes and occupations, habits and customs, flora and fauna, monsters, wonders, and horrors”.

Vintage Vitale: Damnation #2

Damnation Job List 2 4_2_2015

This is Ik and Otts, comparing job assignments. Otts is based on this nasty little monster that has turned up in my dreams from time to time, telling me “my time is up”. He is of course cuter here, but he has the same basic dumbbell shape, feet but no arms, long fangs but no visible(?) mouth, and sharp little curved horns. When he appears in a dream, however, his eyes are one on top of the other, and the top one is red while the bottom one is green, a bit like a stoplight.