My Dragoncon 2015 Book!

Every year I keep a sort of scrapbook for Dragoncon, and this year I finally perfected it after going through several ways of getting it done. I’ve used looseleaf and spiral books of various sorts, and this time I simply used a blank sketchbook. I love the idea of a hardbound book, stuffed and crammed with all sorts of cool swag sticking out the sides.:)WP_20150908_039

Here’s the cover, drawn in orange paint marker.

Inside I had planned to have friends sign it like a yearbook:


( I had to label a few people..:D  )


Hump Day: Dragon Con Prep!

Dragon Con Prep Hump Day,© 2015 Liz Vitale

Dragon Con Prep Hump Day,© 2015 Liz Vitale

So many of my friends are frantically packing and doing last-minute costume preparations for Dragoncon. We live only about 30-40 miles from the con, so we commute in every day. It’s still cheaper paying the parking each day than paying for rooms that cost seven hundred dollars a night. Actually I am only exaggerating about the cost. A little.

I think all that I am bringing with me will fit in a tote bag. I’ve got a lot of extra responsibilities this year, due to some issues over at my parents’ house, and the last thing I needed was a bunch of hell and snot and tears to go through just planning a costume, much less making it. So I shall be pretty stress free. I plan to see friends in their glorious outfits, meet celebrities and give them presents, visit the art gallery, hang out in Cuz’n Beth’s room a bit, and just stare at the amazing, smelly horde of people clad in fur, spandex, leather and solo cups and probably not enough deodorant.

My friends and the rest of our kind will haul in cases and cases of costumes, cases for costume repair, and cases of booze. Dragoncon is known for its parties, in and out of rooms–another reason we get the heck out about 6 PM. Uncle Steve and I are much more interested in sleeping in our own bed and getting up feeling human in the morning. 😉