Salute Sunday: Dian Fossey


Digit, Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

Today I salute Dian Fossey, who made history when she undertook an extensive study of endangered mountain gorillas in the mountain forests of Rwanda over a period of 18 years. Her research center was named Karisoke,located between Mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke, and named by combining the names of the two mountains.


Fiery Friday: The Dragon Jacket of “Beat It”


White Jacket Dragon, Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

I was listening to “Beat It” this morning on my 80’s station. Love the song, love the video, however cheesy it might be by today’s standards. It being Fiery Friday, I instantly thought of that kooky white puffy jacket that one of the gang leaders(played by choreographer Michael Peters) wears. On the back side is a black and white oriental dragon, and I immediately looked up screenshots of the video when I got home from my morning errands.

Michael Peters Jacket

Really great graphic; I suppose this day and age it would be “great tat art”, but I will agree it has a compact design that I could easily see on someone’s arm. At first I thought it was just the dragon’s head. Then I began to examine it more closely.


Thunder Lizard Thursday: Dilophosaurus!

Dilophosaurus  2_4_15

No-Frills Dilophosaurus, Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

So hopefully enough people that have seen Jurassic Park have understood that the Dilophosaurus depicted in the movie is just…wrong. To be precise: the frill, the size, and the poison-spitting thing. Casual moviegoers could probably care less, but some dinosaur nerds like me go bonkers over these instances in the same way that Tolkien readers get uppity over Peter Jackson’s movies and some male moviegoers refuse to watch a comic franchise’s films unless the female lead is showing proper amounts of cleavage. We all pick our battles.  I suppose, for me, the principle is that we have all this new technology and have made discoveries and scientific advances that allow us to see more and more with each passing year of what dinosaurs were like, and to see them with slapped-on, ridiculous appendages that bear no resemblance to reality simply feels…insulting. If your movie requires this, use monsters. (more…)

Fiery Friday: The Shaggy Beast

Fiery Friday Hairy Dragon 2015

The Shaggy Beast of Terror, Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

Most dragons are covered with thick scales and bony points, impressive horns and bumps and plates of armor. A two-legged dragon from a Middle Ages legend, however, had a different protective arsenal; it was shaggy, covered with dense hair that it could also fire at its enemies, blinding and maiming them with deadly accuracy. It terrorized a peaceful village in France, raiding farms, devouring people and livestock and ruining crops with its searing fire-breath. Its reign came to an end when a young  man seeking revenge for his dead sweetheart chopped its tail in two with his sword. As this area was the only place in which the dragon could be wounded, it succumbed and died.

Way Out Wednesday: Weird Travels Edition–The Mystery Castle of Phoenix

Mystery House Jan  2015

Mystery House/Castle, Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

For fifteen years, Mary Lou Gulley of Seattle, Washington, thought her father was dead; he had disappeared without a trace. Where he was, and what he had been doing, was revealed when her mother received a call from a lawyer in Phoenix Arizona.

Prince Wilkie tells the story.

Fiery Friday: Breckswerd.


Breckswerd,Copyright 2013 Liz Vitale

Breckswerd was the father of a dragon in a story I was working on a few years ago and never finished. I should take that up again.

This watercolor now hangs in the home of a dear friend that I don’t really get to see any more. But it’s nice knowing I have a pair of eyes watching out for him.:)