Dream Diary

Dream Diary: A Wand for Gandalf.

Wand  6_24 _ 2015

┬áSteve and I were at some sort of convention–something nerdy, movie, toy-related, who knows? It was held in what had once been a public school, and on the floor of one hallway, a HUGE poster of Halloween had been laminated to the floor.
Anyway, we reached a large room in which someone was selling wands..for roleplay or costuming, I suppose. I won’t argue that they were beautifully crafted. One stood out to me; pictured above, it was made a a smooth, white wood, was intricately carved, and was very subtly shaded blue toward its base. The base had a rather obvious wine-colored stain on it which was simply part of the natural wood. I remember telling Steve,”Hey, that wand would be good for Gandalf,” and then I pointed toward Ian McKellen, who was sitting right behind us.

I would have expected him to tell me, “Gandalf the Grey does not use a wand, madam.” ­čśÇ

Dream Diary: Partridge Family/Jurassic Park Mashup

JP PF 6_9_2015

I’ve had the theme song to The Partridge Family stuck in my head for days, and a few nights ago I had a brief flicker of a dream in which the partridges in the opening sequence were velociraptors from Jurassic Park(we had just watched it on TV the night before).

Dream Diary: The Worried Creature.

DD Worried Job Creature   2_ 27 2015

Worried Creature.,Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

Instead of listing a dream from the Diary that I wrote about years ago, I’ll tell you about a fresh one! The night before last, I had this dream that I had lost some sort of really important job. My companion/roommate was this thing, and this illustration shows it worrying and carrying on over my losing my job. It┬áhad a bluish, tattered shawl that it kept wringing and pulling over its head. I do not know if it was male or female. Had sort of a naked mole rat look, though.

Dream Diary: Rented Tools.

May 27, 2012:

I was building something at a shop where you had to rent tools. The owner had a great poster of George Harrison on the wall.
Later, I ended up at a shopping mall just as the whole building was closing and I got thrown out. I didn’t seem to have a car, so I had to call Mother┬áto come and pick me up and naturally she was pissed.