Way Out Wednesday: Skyfalls!

Way Out Wednesday Skyfall Lizards 2015_0001

Skyfall Lizards Copyright 2015 Liz Vitale

Throughout recorded history, odd things have fallen to our earth; meat, rocks, woolly fluff, and unidentifiable creatures, to name a few. Fizztee gives you a little glimpse of some of the more odd living examples of little bundles from the sky.

Oh, and props go to Dragon Patch’s most sensational highdiving troop,The Flying Carcharodons, for participating in this video.


Halloween Countdown 2014–MEMENTO MORI SHOP at the Magic Kingdom!

Our friends from all over are pouring into Walt Disney World this past month and returning with treasures from Memento Mori, the brand-spanking-new store that has opened up, no doubt, after decades of howling from us Haunted Mansion fans.

At last, it was our turn. Taking our usual wedding anniversary trip, tacking on a few friends, and doing the trip on the cheap(staying off Disney property,mainly), we scouted out this wondrous new store that at last kicked out that useless Yankee Trader place and put Haunted Mansion merchandise in a full fledged shop where it BELONGS instead of just on a dinky cart!

Halloween Countdown 2014–Halloween Hot Sauce!

Looking for something to put a little “bite” into your next sandwich or burger? Well, have we got the cadaverous condiment for you!

Halloween Hot Sauce!

WP_20141018_001 WP_20141018_002 WP_20141018_003

Spider Venom, with gauze shroud secured by a toe tag!! Also thrown in were some grave(gummy) worms.

Our dear friend Victor at Moonlit Hill Mortuary conjures up these tasty concoctions all year round, and we have a bottle of the mild variety known as “Spider Venom”. To see the other flavors, and take a look at the artful way in which Victor “The Undertaker” enshrouds his spooky sauce, go to!

These are just great to have anyway. They taste great, are all natural, and all joking aside, made with no preservatives.

If you choose to purchase a bottle as a gift, you might want to go with the “in Coffin” variety, which arrives in its own tiny handcrafted wooden coffin, also made at Moonlit Mortuary.

Drag your bones over to  the Halloween Hot Sauce Site, folks, and snatch a bottle!

Halloween Countdown 2014–Caramel Apple Sugar Babies!

Fizztee is trying our Caramel Apple Sugar Babies, and they are yummy. Crunchy green apple shell, caramel inside. It’s hard to keep from devouring the whole box.

For some reason the thumbnail would not show up at the time of posting.

Halloween Countdown 2014–Hand Sanitizers from Bath & Body Works!

Well, Aunt Liz really approves of this stuff. I don’t normally do bath & body stuff–perfumes and the like give me a headache.Plus, I don’t understand spending $10 on a bar of soap, even if it’s made from distilled koala tears and pumice dirt from Mars. But, I had an ancient gift card, and I was passing by, and I hopped in just to see if they had anything Halloweenery–the bath stores are never ones to shirk a major holiday, after all.

We hit the jackpot with these adorable little hand sanitizers with Halloween-themed names and graphics. An accessory will be revealed next that completes the selection brilliantly.

They are surprisingly easy to tolerate, even pleasant. The scents are not too strong, which is usually the reason I hate bath.body stores and when people give me gift cards for them. I know this is a purely girly item, but if any of you menfolk out there do like the smell, or need a shot of hand sanitizer and someone has these,you have been warned–they are also GLITTERY.

Halloween Countdown 2014–Monster Mates Play Packs!

We love monsters around here, and these play packs are right up our alley–great graphics, and fun stickers and artwork in the coloring book.  The crayon color palette may be limited,but we think the stickers more than make up for that. At least four different monsters on the front sides of the packs were spotted. Great surprise for your monster-loving kid!