Spooky Saturday: The Bakekujira.

Bake Kujira_0002.jpg

Translated literally as “ghost whale”, the Bakekujira are animated whale skeletons.that swim near the ocean’s surface, rising as they did in life when they would have had to breathe. Often, a host of eerie birds and strange fish accompany them. Bakekujira appear on rainy nights near coastal whaling villages.

Spooky Saturday: Teke Teke!


In Japan, a country loaded with vengeful ghosts,Teke Teke is the specter of a young woman who was pushed onto a railway line and cut in half by the oncoming train. Full of revenge and hate against the living,she carries a scythe and travels on either her hands or elbows, her dragging upper torso making the distinctive “teke teke” sound for which she is named. If she encounters anyone at night and the victim is not fast enough, she will slice them in half at the torso to mimic her own disfigurement.  Sometimes  the victims become Teke Tekes themselves.



Halloween Countdown 2015–Mini Freddy!

He’s done! He’s done! And he’s all ready to go meet his inspiration and go home with him on Halloween at Walker Stalker Con!!
Oh, wow, I can’t wait.

We also did a little photo shoot….

Oh, Mini Freddy, you little badass, you…:)

EDIT Here are some other in-progress pics I had forgotten to include: