Halloween Countdown 2015: BEST HALLOWE’EN EVER!

This may well be the best dangblasted Hallowe’en I’ve ever had. Why, do you ask? I’ll elucidate:

I spent this day:


Being clawed by Freddy,


Being choked by Jason,


And laughing my head off at Robert Englund scratching (or picking??) his nose with MiniFreddy’s claws.

Yes, it has been a marvelous Hallowe’en,everyone. I will report more on these events after I’ve come down from my starstruck/sugar high.

Halloween Countdown 2015: Freddy Puppet Progress!

I am so excited. I got kinda recharged with classic horror movies of my teen years recently, namely the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. So when I heard that Robert Englund would be appearing at Walker Stalker con OVER HALLOWEEN, I was all over it. And since my dear husband started me on a tradition of making little funny puppets for famous actors when I meet them at cons, of course I had to get started on a  Freddy Krueger puppet.


So first comes the basic hand puppet, or “glove puppet” as I specifically call it. Your fingers operate the two hands and the head. This kind of puppet usually cannot have a moving mouth, but it can do so much gesturing with its arms and hands(however short they may be :D) and it can pick up things with its hands. They are also easy to make and so cute and small.
I’m making Freddy in red cotton and painting flesh over it,leaving gaps where the red muscle shows through. Later I will add more detail with markers.


Working on his sweater. Painted red fleece. It’s a bit crude, but once it’s all together the crude stripes may add to the grunginess of the character.


While the body and head are drying I do a quick fitting to make the hat. I also have him a small pompom nose,like a  Muppet nose.

Stay tuned for more progress!

Fingerprint Follies: Karyn’s Birthday Card, 2015. “The Airbrush Chronicles”.

Cuz’n Karyn is one of my best friends in this world. And because she has to deal with a lot of…shall we say,”life crap” , that I know weighs her down from time to time, any opportunity I have to make Karyn laugh I will grab by the horns. I had that opportunity this past weekend, at a movie night party we were having at Cuz’n Joanne’s place.

Incidentally, if you see me mention “The Tomato Gang”, that is this group. We eat dinner frequently at a restaurant called “The Green Tomato”.

See, Karyn is one of my friends in our Star Wars costuming groups, in particular, the Rebel Legion. She costumes as a Twi’lek Jedi.
And she is blue. I want to post a photo of her amazing costume but I won’t without her permission. Anyway, to get that amazing blue look, it takes an airbrush, a lot of time, patience and practice, and experimenting with different paints. And the constant upkeep and learning and trial and error with the airbrush produces, let’s say…some funny moments. Most of these occur at what are called “Armor Parties”, in which we gather at a friend’s house to eat,work on costumes or other projects, eat, work, and eat some more. And make a mess.
Karyn bday 9_12_ 2015


Fiery Friday: dragon artist trading cards!

For another birthday gift, I sent Cuz’n Melanie some dragon artist trading cards!

SD DRAGON 6_15_2015 1_0001

Typical western dragon that I like to draw the most, with four limbs, wings, and horns.SD DRAGON 6_15_2015 1_0002

Eastern dragon riding around on a cloud.

SD DRAGON 6_15_2015 1_0003

This little guy is more of a wyvern, right down to his poisonous tail barb.

SD DRAGON 6_15_2015 1_0004

I threw in a sea dragon for extra variety.SD DRAGON 6_15_2015 1_0005

And because I love it so much I drew her the Shaggy Beast Dragon.

Thunder Lizard Thursday(Late): Ankylosaurus Artist Trading Cards!

For a birthday present, I sent Cuz’n Beth a little set of artist trading cards featuring our two dinosaur alter-egos (and the toys we purchased from Build-a-Dino in Orlando), Mortimer the Ankylosaurus and Crunchy the Carnotaurus. Although these two dinosaurs did live at the same time, Ankylosaurus lived more toward what is now the Western United States and Carnotaurus dwelled in South America, so it is doubtful they crossed paths, but they are still fun to draw together.SD  6_16_2015 Mortimer 1_0001

Mortimer is not impressed with Crunchy’s ferocious arm-wiggling.