Halloween Countdown 2015

Afterween: Peanuts Halloween Art!


I am still giving you little bits of Halloween because, frankly, Halloween really got really big for me this year. There was so much I wanted to do, and so much I did, and a few things fell through the cracks. This was one. I asked my pal Robert Pope if he had some Peanuts artwork I could show off on my blog that was Hallowe’en-themed, and he really came through! He let me post this pic of a holiday goodie bag from his collection just for you guys!

I have to admit I am a little giddy…Robert has illustrated several books for Simon and Schuster that feature the PEANUTS characters. He has really nailed Charles Schulz’ style and I couldn’t be more proud for my friend. While this goodie bag above may not be his work, I can show you what IS. Take a look at You Got a Rock, Charlie Brown!

Thanks, Robert!

Monster Monday: Sticker Monsters!

During all the Hallowe’en hubbub at Target, the store had all kinds of fun things in their “dollar” section.One of these items was a monster sticker activity book. Inside the book were a monster, pumpkin, and skull, with blank faces, and then there was a boatload of stickers to create faces for them. After making all my Hallowe’en denizens with the proper stickers that you knew went with each face, I had lots of stickers left over.


The Blue Peeved Pugnose Monster is my “properly” put-together face.

But then I started sticking the leftover face parts in my Hallowe’en book, and then drawing a monster around them, and then giving them funny names!

Take a look:


AfterWeen! Walker Stalker Con 2015

So this past Saturday, Hallowe’en, my dear husband, your Uncle Steve, took me to Walker Stalker Con! I had a terrific time and I do believe Steve did too, although horror really isn’t his thing. Still, he watches The Walking Dead and some of my scary movies with me, so he is knowledgeable of the genre.

I knew Robert Englund would be there, and I had done my usual thing and made a little Freddy puppet to present to him. I couldn’t wait. I was hoping he would do something fun with it when I gave it to him, and he didn’t disappoint.


Dragon Patch Reading List: “Wrapped for Eternity”.

When Uncle Steve and I spend Halloween night sitting out on the porch waiting for trick-or-treaters,I take reading material with me. Last night’s nonfiction entry into the Hallowe’en spirit was Wrapped for Eternity: The Story of the Egyptian Mummy by Mildred Mastin Pace.


Wrapped for Eternity offers very detailed descriptions of how the Ancient Egyptians mummified the dead,and  how the first mummies were discovered by our present day culture. The book explains the religions connotations behind mummification and deals with the very real threat the Egyptian dead faced from tomb robbers. It is a fascinating resource for anyone interested in mummies and the Egyptian afterlife.

Halloween Countdown 2015: Our Jack O’ Lanterns!

I thought y’all might like to see the JOL’s I made for our front doorstep. I made them all (except Charlie and Terry) several years ago and I feel we have the perfect amount and variety.:)

Halloween Countdown 2015: BEST HALLOWE’EN EVER!

This may well be the best dangblasted Hallowe’en I’ve ever had. Why, do you ask? I’ll elucidate:

I spent this day:


Being clawed by Freddy,


Being choked by Jason,


And laughing my head off at Robert Englund scratching (or picking??) his nose with MiniFreddy’s claws.

Yes, it has been a marvelous Hallowe’en,everyone. I will report more on these events after I’ve come down from my starstruck/sugar high.

Halloween Countdown 2015 and Fingerprint Follies: Jason Voorhees!

Jason card_0001

I made a card for a dear friend who costumes as Jason.
I mailed it, but he doesn’t have computer access right now. I can show you guys and I won’t spoil the surprise.
Yep, that’s a fingerprint for his head/mask. I had such fun on this tiny drawing.
Happy Halloween Eve, everyone!