Happy Valentine’s Day!

One of the few times I will use a photo:


These embracing skeletons are from a National Geographic article dated February 13, 2007:

“In what’s been called a Valentine’s Day gift to Italy, archaeologists today excavated two interlocked Stone Age skeletons—leaving their “eternal embrace” intact and making it easier to analyze the double burial.

Discovered last week during construction not far from Verona, the setting of Romeo and Juliet, the roughly 5,000-year-old couple has already become an icon of enduring love to many.

Like Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, the prehistoric twosome appear to be young, as evidenced by the condition of their teeth. But that’s about all that is known about them so far. They could just as easily be two brothers.

But dig supervisor Elena Menotti takes the romantic view.

“It was a very emotional discovery,” the archaeologist told the Associated Press last week. “From thousands of years ago we feel the strength of this love. Yes, we must call it love.””

Happy Earth Day Hump Day!

Earth Day Hump Day,© 2015 Liz Vitale

Earth Day Hump Day,© 2015 Liz Vitale

From all the camels and me (this one is Omar again),Happy Earth Day Hump Day, everyone!~Aunt Liz

Although I grew up in a generally conservative southern family, I had family members who taught me to genuinely respect nature, to not be wasteful, and to not be trashy and foul up the place. I’ve never understood the attitude of taking pride in owning gas-guzzling cars and refusing to recycle.
Tossing and dumping trash everywhere..well, for some people the entire world beneath their feet is their dumping ground, and sometimes you can’t change that, especially if they were raised that way. But sometimes you can.

From Popular Mechanics website:

Cans—The huge energy cost–and associated emissions–of producing virgin aluminum from bauxite makes recycling a no-brainer. Each empty can is currently worth about $0.03.

Glass Bottles: There’s only a marginal energy savings, and we’re not going to run out of sand. Reuse (with bottle deposits) may make more sense than recycling.(I am fine with returning bottles, for deposit or not–we did it before)

Soft Drink Bottles:  Usually get “downcycled” into lower-grade fibers, but it’s now possible to make it into new bottles. The price has doubled in the past two years; the market should continue to mature.

Notes from Mother: Happy Easter from the Absent-Minded Easter Bunny.


Another classic, this one with Mother masquerading as E.B., also known as the Easter Bunny, or more specifically, the Absent-Minded Easter Bunny. Yes, Mother has always thoroughly enjoyed giving me an Easter basket every year, and I have to admit I’ve always looked forward to receiving them. This particular (unknown)year, Mother apparently let Easter slip up on her and she went to great lengths, although she didn’t need to, to make sure I had a little Easter present on Sunday night. I think she got me a pink bunny Beanie Baby, back when they were still fun to look for in the stores.