The Thing, TMI.

thing dog.jpg


I only had two jobs today(I entertain and do art therapy classes at assisted living homes) but I am more tired than I have been in weeks. Vegging out on the sofa and looking at way too many behind-the-scenes videos of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. And scribbling assimilated dogs. It’s tough, because I love dogs, and even though I know in reality no doggies were harmed, in my imagination I can see the agony that the movie dogs went through quite clearly.

Halloween Countdown 2015: BEST HALLOWE’EN EVER!

This may well be the best dangblasted Hallowe’en I’ve ever had. Why, do you ask? I’ll elucidate:

I spent this day:


Being clawed by Freddy,


Being choked by Jason,


And laughing my head off at Robert Englund scratching (or picking??) his nose with MiniFreddy’s claws.

Yes, it has been a marvelous Hallowe’en,everyone. I will report more on these events after I’ve come down from my starstruck/sugar high.

Halloween Countdown 2015 and Fingerprint Follies: Jason Voorhees!

Jason card_0001

I made a card for a dear friend who costumes as Jason.
I mailed it, but he doesn’t have computer access right now. I can show you guys and I won’t spoil the surprise.
Yep, that’s a fingerprint for his head/mask. I had such fun on this tiny drawing.
Happy Halloween Eve, everyone!

Halloween Countdown 2015–Mini Freddy!

He’s done! He’s done! And he’s all ready to go meet his inspiration and go home with him on Halloween at Walker Stalker Con!!
Oh, wow, I can’t wait.

We also did a little photo shoot….

Oh, Mini Freddy, you little badass, you…:)

EDIT Here are some other in-progress pics I had forgotten to include:

Halloween Countdown 2015: Freddy Puppet Progress!

I am so excited. I got kinda recharged with classic horror movies of my teen years recently, namely the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. So when I heard that Robert Englund would be appearing at Walker Stalker con OVER HALLOWEEN, I was all over it. And since my dear husband started me on a tradition of making little funny puppets for famous actors when I meet them at cons, of course I had to get started on a  Freddy Krueger puppet.


So first comes the basic hand puppet, or “glove puppet” as I specifically call it. Your fingers operate the two hands and the head. This kind of puppet usually cannot have a moving mouth, but it can do so much gesturing with its arms and hands(however short they may be :D) and it can pick up things with its hands. They are also easy to make and so cute and small.
I’m making Freddy in red cotton and painting flesh over it,leaving gaps where the red muscle shows through. Later I will add more detail with markers.


Working on his sweater. Painted red fleece. It’s a bit crude, but once it’s all together the crude stripes may add to the grunginess of the character.


While the body and head are drying I do a quick fitting to make the hat. I also have him a small pompom nose,like a  Muppet nose.

Stay tuned for more progress!