Dragon Patch TV Halloween Countdown 2014—Scooby Doo Bumper ” Rug”


Another Scooby Doo bumper that I and my (then future)husband and friends created for Cartoon Network. I am especially proud of this one because I not only animated the carpet, but I also dissected and animated the infamous “Scooby Doo Run”! Believe me, it wasn’t easy. Legs going all over the place and one going in reverse.

Dragon Patch TV Halloween Countdown 2014– Scooby Doo Bumper “Sheet”


I actually can’t remember if this one was called “Ghost” or “Sheet”. In the 1990’s,  I worked with my future husband and some good friends on these station ID’s,called “bumpers”, for Cartoon Network. I animated Daphne and Johnny  Bravo. It was very simple animation,but being less experienced it was the safest assignment for me to get it finished in the time allowed. I really,really loved doing these. I like Johnny,and of course being born in the 70’s  I grew up watching Scooby Doo after school. ( cant stand Scrappy Doo, though,and I refuse to watch it).