Lake Monsters

Monsters of Africa: The Ninki Nanka!

Ninki nanka_0003.jpg


The Ninki Nanka is from West African folklore. It is said to have the head of a horse with three horns; two horns point out or backward and the third central horn points forward. It has the neck of a giraffe and the body of a crocodile.
According to legend, it mostly feeds on cocky children; it is extremely large and dangerous and when children disobey their parents and go into the swamp by themselves, they fall victim to the Ninki Nanka.
It is also seen as an omen of imminent death. Nearly everyone who has claimed to have seen it has died shortly afterward.
It is possible that the beast may have been inspired by dinosaur fossils—Africa has been a rich source of sauropod bones.

Dragons of North America: Amhuluk!


Lately my paintings are not coming out well on my scanner. I can take good photos of them, but excuse the paper edges and errant shadow!
The monster Amhuluk, whose home is a lake near Forked Mountain, Oregon, had but one passion-to catch and drown all things; and when a person looks into the lake, one can see that Amhuluk has even drowned the sky in it, and has made the trees stand upside down in the water.  According a legend he impaled children on his horns and dragged them into the depths.

Needless to say, Amhuluk is a handy character to tell children about to keep them away from the water.