Notes from Mother

Notes from Mother: Happy Easter from the Absent-Minded Easter Bunny.


Another classic, this one with Mother masquerading as E.B., also known as the Easter Bunny, or more specifically, the Absent-Minded Easter Bunny. Yes, Mother has always thoroughly enjoyed giving me an Easter basket every year, and I have to admit I’ve always looked forward to receiving them. This particular (unknown)year, Mother apparently let Easter slip up on her and she went to great lengths, although she didn’t need to, to make sure I had a little Easter present on Sunday night. I think she got me a pink bunny Beanie Baby, back when they were still fun to look for in the stores.

Notes from Mother: A Slew of “Don’t Forget”‘s

Looks like a Post-It Note pad made its way into our house. I’m pretty sure these are all from 1999, as I had just left working at Stone Mountain Lasers but it looks like I still had some mail coming there. Anyway, there are several “don’t forget” notes in this group, a “go to the store” note, and one to stop laundering money(must have left some dollar bills in my pocket and they went through the wash) because “this is not New Jersey”!

Notes from Mother: Happy Cat!


I thought this was a good one for tax time, but this is also one of my favorites because of the drawing and additional silliness in the signature..”Happy Days! Looks Like Dogs..Looks like Cat..Oh, well, Happy Cat!”

Incidentally, we used to feed our cats a kind of semi-moist food called “Happy Cat” that apparently was discontinued because of all the hideous preservatives required to keep it fresh and in its semi-moist state.


Happy Cat sure had cute graphics, though.

Notes from Mother: Vacuum Up the Bugs.


One of my main chores when I lived at home was vacuuming. And back then, there used to be a weekly swarm of tiny black beetles that would enter the house, crawl across the pale pink living room carpet, and then die when they got to the wall, so the perimeter of the room would have a little line of dead bugs  against the walls. So this note is reminding me to take the hose thingy off the vacuum cleaner and suck up all the poor bug carcasses, although it looks like the vacuum is completely running away with me in the drawing.

Notes from Mother: Feed Puff!


Years ago, Mother was going out to get the paper one morning and saw what she thought was a dirty rag lying in the middle of the road. Upon further inspection she realized it was  a tiny,unconscious kitten. She quickly scooped him up before a car came and hit him ( a common sport among the human debris drivers in our area–“Run Over the Completely Immobile Animal”) and took him inside. She got him cleaned up, revived and fed, and he became our little “Puffball”. Puff grew to be quite spoiled,but had such an unhealthy start it was hard not to give him anything he wanted–he especially liked baby food. This note was a reminder to give Puff his baby food that day.

Sadly, at the age of only four both Puff and his brother Patch (who we found a few days later–they were almost identical)both passed on because of kidney failure. They are greatly missed, but we’re glad we at least were able to offer them some sort of better life than being squashed in the road.